La La La
Hola, soy Mariano. Tengo 16 años y soy de Argentina.
Amor, paz, música, naturaleza; cosas que llenan mi vida.
George Harrison es mi persona favorita.
Acá van a encontrar expresiones de diferentes cosas que me gustan.
Gracias por pasar.


Self portrait by Ringo, London 1969


New York, 1979.



These pictures together are really good!

John Lennon and John Lennon.

❝ The first time George Harrison came over to my house, when it was just the two of us there, the first thing he did was pick up the guitar and start to play “Norwegian Wood.” I thought, ‘Well, this is unusual.’ George said something like, ‘You know this one, don’t you?’ It was a funny approach — I was obviously a huge Beatles fan— but he really had an uncanny ability to transcend the fact that he was a Beatle and get you to the place where you weren’t thinking about that any more. We just started playing guitars after that. ❞

— Tom Petty, Conversations with Tom Petty (via harrisonstories)

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Michael Jackson holding a magazine with Queen on cover :)


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